Endowment (Waqfu) Properties-Your Main Title Here

Endowment (Waqfu) Properties-Your Main Title Here

Endowment (Waqfu) Properties

Build your self a House in Jannat.

Masjidl Warithin

Proposed Plan of Masjidil Warithin here in Johannesburg in South Africa looking for donor to have this house of Allah built. This is Medium Mosque for capacity of 1000 Musalees, (attendants of prayers). can cost you not more than a Million Dollor with Everything Included. you Can Choose your Own Plan of your choice. 

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The Other side of Masjidil Warithin

Proposed Mosque here in South African Major Towns, the establishment can be changed according to your plan as a donor.  Build this Masjid on earth Allah will build a masjid for you in Jannah.

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Masjidil Warithin

Masjidil Warithin with Turkish Proposed Plan that has a biger dome and more taller minarets, night view of lights at the minarets. 

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Waqfu building

Proposed Waqfu Building to support the Operations of the Mosque including paying lights and water, carpets, salaries for Imams, Muadhins, cleaners, security, Teachers. 

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