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Proposed Project
Nationa Grand Mosque of South Africa (NGMSA) (Masjid Nurul Yaqeen)
Proposed project of Building the headquarters of Muslim supreme council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) at Pretoria in Gauteng province, the capital of the Republic of South Africa with a vision to serve as central office for administration of Islam and Muslim affairs in the Southern African countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Madagascar, Mauritius, etc. where such an establishment has never been built.
Problem Statement
Bismillah Rahman Raheem,( in the name of Allah the most merciful the Compassionate), Alhamdu lillah Rabil Alameen, (all praise due to Lord of the worlds), who sent His messenger holy prophet Muhammad sallah llah aleih wasallama , (peace be upon him) as mercy to the entire creation with light of Islam that has illuminated the entire world starting from the middle east where Islam originated in Arabia to Africa, Asia, and west with one message that: “there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger (Laa ilaaha Illa llah Muhammad Rasulullah)”.

This one message of Islam has been embraced by the world across different cultures in completely different approaches exercised by social and political domination of those regions where Islam gained political mighty such as Arab world including Northern Africa together with Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia, etc Islam is flourishing. while in regions where Islam did not gain political will but was embraced socially such as West and east African countries Including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Bukinafaso, Islam is balanced with Christianity and other religions , but in regions where Islam neither gained political will nor embraced socially such as Southern African countries including , South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Madagascar, Mauritius, etc, Christianity is at high pick with other religions while Islam remains the minority.

Southern African countries has a population of approximately 300 million people with ratio of 1:10 Muslims, meaning every 10 people one is a Muslim. This gives us an estimate of 30 million Muslims in Southern African countries including the Islands of Madagascar and Mauritius.10 million out of 30 million Muslims are foreigners from all over the world migrating to Southern African region, some were brought by colonial rulers as workers, while others came to this region for economic reasons or as refugees. In South Africa, Islam is dominated by both Indians and Indonesian-Malaysians who were brought by colonial rulers to work in farms and factories as slaves.

Those who came Muslims originally from their home countries maintained their faith, but due to apartheid system of ruling by the white colonial rulers who separated people according to their colours, Islam did not spread from Indian and Malaysians to black African indigenous people except very few until today even after the apartheid, for this reason, the Indians and Indonesian-Malaysians forms minority of Muslims but they are dominant of Islam in South Africa, while other southern African countries only Indians has dominated Islam. The Indian, Indonesian-Malaysian dominating Islam of Southern Africa, have managed to develop Islam socially and economically but not politically.

Socially they have built beautiful mosques and small scale Muslim schools while economically they have managed to introduce Halaal food certification in food production industry but politically they have not they haven’t established an Islamic organisation that centralise affairs of Islam to identify a leader of Islam who unite them as one Muslim community, instead they linked their leadership and administration of Islam and Muslim affairs to leaders of Islam from their home countries where they originated. Adopting this culture of Islam in these regions without a unifying leader or uniform administration has given them an opportunity to consolidate themselves against the majority of Muslims of this region so that they only facilitate their own Indian, Indonesian-Malaysian Communities for the provision of basic education of Islam and advanced learning of Islamic literature leaving behind all other weak Muslims without proper basic education due to lack of qualified teachers to teach their own people. Lack of education of Islamic knowledge is the main stumbling block for spread of Islam in these communities that forms majority of Islam including other factors majorly racism.

As a solution to the problem and call for unity of Muslim community of South Africa
The Muslim Supreme council of South Africa was established December 14th 2014. Project Overview Establishing headquarters of Muslim supreme councils of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) that was initiated 2014 as central office for uniform administration of Islam and Muslim affairs in South Africa that identified a leader of Muslim Community as the Grand Mufti of South Africa who is a symbol of unity by creating office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa as the main operational office that controls all other offices of the Organisation on religious matters.

As per administration structure of the organisation, each department is managed by a director in charge of that department reporting to head of departments as chairman Board of directors who reports to the president as chairman board of trustees. The general secretary who is head of secretariat in charge of all organisational secretarial work and secretaries of each department, He reports to the president. Departments include Hajj, Sharia, Zakat, education, endowment, welfare, women, youth, health, transport, Dawah, etc, all departments are monitored by head of departments. The President of the organisation is responsible for national and international relations, all countries of Southern African countries forms part of the administration, these countries are considered as Provinces of Southern Africa, therefore Muftis of these countries are members of the council of Sheikhs comprised of Provincial Muftis in the department of sharia.

For this purpose, the headquarters of the organisation has got national Grand Mosque of South Africa, the Islamic international conference centre capable of hosting national and international conferences designed to be utilised by National conferences where meetings of leaders discussing affairs of Islam from different organisations can be held , etc., A fully equipped hall for hosting Islamic functions including weddings etc, well organised ground for hosting local and international Trade conventions annex to the National conference hall, office building that includes staff residents, media centre for communication with an Islamic Radio and TV, education building with a playground for spots, Hospital, shopping mall, Hotel, industrial hub, Road network, residential units and retails shops.

South Africa is a developed country with broad scope of influence on world political, social and economic affairs that needs extremely magnificent complex of National Grand Mosque of South Africa on 844 out of 5444 hectares of land to equip with the economy of a developed country to serve as biggest centre of Islam in Southern African region. The ground plan of land utilization will indicate a plot for each building that shows where it’s located on the land, road network, sewage system, open parks, waste management such as recycling of used water and garbage, industrial hub, drainage system, etc. Proposed plan of a mosque is either Turkish architect from turkey developed a uniform design of all their mosques worldwide originated from Ottoman Empire such as Nizamye Complex of Midrand Johannesburg South Africa, or Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of United Arab Emirates at Abu Dhabi.

                                Turkish Masjid in South Africa , Midrand on Highway to Pretoria.

     Bin Zand Grand Mosque f UAE Abu Dhabi
These accomplished projects of Turkish and Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque architect is a major development in the world Islamic history and legacy that stays forever generations after generations. Not only me but everyone is astonished by the beauty of Turkish and Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque architect in the entire world, in my view, in order to appreciate that magnificent work of architect, we admire to develop a similar Grand Mosque for South Africa to serve Southern African countries. Location Proposed 800 out of 5444 hectares of land for development of the National Grand Mosque of South Africa is located in the Northern side of Pretoria the capital city of South Africa, the City is found in Gauteng Province the economic heart of South Africa.

Enviroment and neibourhood of Proposed 800 out of 5444 hectares of land for development of the National Grand Mosque of South Africa is originally a farm that stretches to the border of Gauteng with Mpumalnga and Limpompo Provinces, this is the biggest farm land in Pretoria, surrounded with farms. Landscape The nature of the land scape is flat mixed with valley and hills and dams with some part rocks and other parts plain soil. Economic perspective The economic setup of South Africa is based on western style where the most richest people stay in the farms with most beautiful houses built on very big land, they operate Game Ranch business (taking care of wild animals for hunting) they invest millions into this kind of businesses, they have lodges , wedding venues, conferences , etc. There is a china mall developed on the road towards the land, there are shopping centre near the farm, and the there is a massive shopping mall close to the farm. On the eastern border of proposed land, there is fluoride mining company newly developed and heavy machines planted, the neighbour is government nature reserve, and the residential units are kilo metres away from the proposed land. Near by the proposed land is future extension of Gautrain from Hatfield Pretoria.

To develop a city embodied with Arabic architect of Islamic environment and cultures hosting the National Grand Mosque of South Africa as headquarter for Muslim Supreme council of South Africa that unites all Southern African region.

Centralise administration of Islam and Muslim affairs of Southern African region as a vehicle that will transform and transit the region to the next generations with equal opportunities for all, taking part in Nation building and contribution to National Development Plan (NDP) of South Africa.

Project Ownership
Proposed project is owned as free holders and lease holders based on private investment that promotes private corporate partnership, Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (Suuh Investments Pty Ltd) is free holder of the land while other projects are leased. The main project National Grand Mosque of South Africa complex is owned by the Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) proposed to be erected on 844 hectares of land at the centre of 5444 hectares of land.

Project Cost
Project Cost The cost of proposed land is +-350 million Rands for 5444 hectares in Pretoria, coast of building will be produced by qualified architecture; cost of upgrading the land will be determined by the city council upon zoning approval included in that amount estimated.

Project Funding
Funding  of Grand Mosque complex of South Africa coing is as to come from donations and private business corporate investment in property development that produces land for sale.

This estimate of 100 million Us Dollars investment will yield more than 700 Million Us Dollars to a billion US dollars as the business continue to grow because the land value increase annually. Source of Funds Sharia compliance Loan for investment from private corporate individuals willing to wisely invest their wealth in secure investment, or from Islamic financial Institutes, or an aid from Islamic governments supporting development of the National Grand Mosque of South Africa.

Objectives of the Project
a)Create investment opportunity
b. Building the National Grand Mosque of South Africa
c. Job creation
d. Residential estates of an Islamic environment
e. Contributing to National development Plan of the country that will trend a long term partnership with government institutions.
f. Millions will embrace Islam in the region on their own will as a choice as a result of this project development.
g. Islamic way of making business will be promoted further h. Unity of Islam and Muslims in the region.
i. Initiatives of Global Muslim Alliances (GMA) , ETC.

Project Achievement Sustainability
The project is developed as private owned entity of corporate investments partnership that has on its budget the Development of National Grand Mosque of South Africa, endowments investment will be established to generate income that will support operations of the National Grand Mosque; such endowments include hotel, apartments, hall, shops etc. separate buildings will be purchased outside the project in different towns to generate immediate income.

This proposed project begins with taking a sharia compliance investment loan given to Suuh Investments Pty Ltd will be paid back within agreed period and sharing profits. With that loan we develop 92,000 (ninety two thousand) plots for sale, whoever buys a plot contribute to the purchase of 844 hectares of land as donation for erection of the National Grand Mosque of South Africa, hence gaining both, very big reward from Allah subhanahu Wataala, and gives you an opportunity to build a home of your dream in an Islamic environment that enables you to fulfil individual and communities required duties, as well as investing in healthy risk free business. Everything is possible as long as it is done in the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate. Wa billah Tawfique Sheikh Yaqeenullah Muhammad Al Shuaib Grand Mufti of South Africa as president Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA).